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 Hello! Welcome to The Holiday Parlor! Thank you for clicking that link and coming to check out our tiny piece of the web. I am much better at being behind the scenes, but I wanted to share a little about myself and The Holiday Parlor. My name is Shannon and I'm a mom of three. My husband is in the military and after years and years and years of moving we are finally at last chapter. We landed in the beautiful state of Colorado. The Holiday Parlor was started in early 2023 from my love of Christmas, and my love of all holiday decor. There is something magical when you bring out those favorite holiday pieces. The memories they bring of past holidays, of moments with family and friends, are priceless. 


In 2015 we were able to live in Germany and one of my absolute favorite memories was going to the different Christmas Markets. These trips are what inspired the Christmas Around the World section. It was at those markets that I found some of the most unique and amazing Christmas decorations made by local artisans. My goal to try and bring these items to others. This section will continue to grow so make sure to keep checking back! 

For me, there is no better shop to walk into than a Christmas and holiday shop. I hope to one day make The Holiday Parlor a shop that you can visit. 

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